There is nothing that can’t be cured, they lied.

well i decided that this blog here will have substance . yes i want this to be the intro into the fix me series. of course i will have to edit this a lot but i believe it will still come out to be a masterpiece. I read this astounding book by a very well accomplished that author, Deepak Chopra. The name of his book, well one of his books, is perfect Health. Amazing i had never heard of the things i rad in Mr Chopra’s book however once I read just a few pages I knew that what he was saying was resonating with me and that before i knew it I was on page 100. Not only did this book help guide me to seeing my temple in a bother light but it also helped push to write all this info down for you.

you see too many times in this society it is sad that we cant or find it hard to accept ourselves for who we are. Now that is a profound statement when you truly break it down. You see to be truly accepting of one’s self it not only know one’s self but to also recognize what one’s self is not. Many of us fight with the notion of what’s good or what’s bad for us. Some deny either or both. Whatever state we are in, knowing one’s self can only really be achieved once a real honest approach is taken to the infinite possibilities of being. What does that mean, you may ask? Well there are endless possibilities to how a single event could have and most times did occur. To understand the self and the great beings that we truly are, you would have to be in acceptance that there is a greater beyond and in that greater beyond, depending on whose perception it is, millions of possibilities exist to a single outcome. With that being said that would mean that there would be billions of possible outcomes. And yet, there are, because the brain alone has billions of thoughts per day.


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