The Why…

Larabelle Nice is a holistic healer with natural healing abilities. She uses her teachings to help people who have lost their way come closer to fixing what ails their souls. She understands and teaches the importance of origination and pinpointing issues developed in the mind-body at its core.

Ms. Nice discovered at a very young age of only 13 that she was far more special than she had imagined. She always knew there was something different about her, but not quite sure what; that is until she was 13 and had her first experience-

Walking home from school with a group of her friends, as she routinely did, something    stopped her in her tracks. Her friends noticed and they all stopped. Larabelle turned to      one of the girls and started to question her about her recent whereabouts, not hesitating in her resilience she proceeds to tell her friend, to everyone’s astonishment, about a bad encounter she was having with a secret boyfriend that was about to turn  violent. She warned her friend to stay away and end things as soon as possible. Heeding  her warning, her friend was saved by a jealous rage the secret lover was about to engage  in. Because of Larabelle’s warning the friend took her older brother with her and he intercepted the enraged guy’s advance at his sister and forced the unruly older guy to leave.

From that time on she knew that she had to use her gift as a way to help others. She continued on, helping rebuild relationships and protecting those she was directed to help. Currently residing in sunny Florida, Larabelle cares for her four children and helps to heal people using Ayurvedic, Holistic and Spiritual teachings. She also specializes in tap healing, palmistry, naturopathy, healing oils and stones.